Project Prince Charming


When my fiance dumped me earlier this year after dragging me through months of on-again, off-again counseling, my daddy told me to keep my sense of humor. He said it would help to keep me sane. After returning my wedding dress and having to personally call the wedding caterer and photographer and florist and baker and venue, I was pretty sure humor wasn’t what was going to keep me sane. No, my small friend Zoloft kept me sane (along with an alarmingly small group of girlfriends who managed not to desert me in the depths of my depression).

But now, months after dealing with returns and legal paperwork for the engagement ring and surprise phone calls from my not-to-be-in-laws (I swear, it may as well have been a divorce), I have started to dip my toe back into the dating pool. And now – yes, now – I understand what Daddy meant about keeping my sense of humor. Because, you see, the quality men of my generation are so sparse that the idea of finding one who is still single feels impossible. I laugh so that I don’t cry. Especially after trying the online dating scene. Yes, I will definitely be needing that sense of humor now. Double shot of hilarity, please.

So! This blog is going to be my outlet – and hopefully a source of entertainment for you, dear reader – as I catalog my adventures and misadventures in dating. When some women are rejected, they become insecure, believing that something is wrong with them. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I do not typically struggle with a lack of confidence. On the contrary, my concern is that I will never find a man who is up to the challenge of marrying such an intelligent, attractive, talented and successful young woman. I know, humility is one of my best character traits. Thus begins Project Prince Charming.

As my best friend Ashley recently pointed out, “It’s hard having standards.” I couldn’t agree more.

Authentically Aurora

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