Networking No-Go

NetworkingAt the large corporation where I work, networking is key. Success in the workplace is largely dependent upon one’s ability to connect with the right people. I recently decided to apply the same concept to my personal life, figuring that success in spousal identification is largely dependent upon one’s ability to connect with the right people. So I committed to myself that I would attend at least one large social event every weekend this month.

The first weekend of August, a group of friends took a road trip to the Texas hill country. I was really excited about the weekend, especially when my married friends told me that the new guy who would be riding in the back with me was single. I was less excited when said single guy turned out to be a male ballerina-turned-barista who wore an amethyst pendant with his V-neck and told us about his crystal powers while playing anime video games on his handheld Nintendo.

The second weekend of August, I was invited to a housewarming party for a friend of a friend, who also happened to be a single guy. I thought to myself, “This could have potential. He just bought a house, so he’s probably mature and ready to settle down.” It turns out I was right about his maturity; he was over a decade my senior, and the “housewarming” ended up being a party to celebrate his moving into a new apartment. On the plus side, he did spend most of the evening introducing me to the various beers in the Craft Beer Room of his apartment, trying to find one that this wine drinker would be able to taste without making a face like a five-year-old.

The third weekend of August, I attended a play at our downtown theatre with a random group of people brought together by an old friend. We went to dinner beforehand, and I was seated diagonally across from an attractive, single, petroleum engineer named Andrew. We were having a wonderful conversation until some young blonde in three inch heels showed up half an hour late. Andrew’s eyes lit up, and he asked me to trade tickets so that they could sit together during the play. From their conversation, it sounded like they knew each other from before, so I at least took comfort in the fact that I wasn’t passed over based on physical appearance alone. Regardless, here’s hoping this weekend proves to be more fruitful than the rest!

Authentically Aurora

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