Nick the Strict – Part II

Ridiculously Photogenic RunnerHaving successfully navigated Step One of Nick’s detailed courtship plan (i.e. a casual coffee date), he called me to set up a time to engage in Step Two (i.e. a “fun activity”). Since he called me on a weeknight, Nick asked about my day at work. I shrugged (not that he could see it over the phone) and told him, “Eh, it was an okay day. I had a little trouble getting motivated at the office.”

I thought it was a simple, honest answer, but rather than valuing my authenticity, Nick replied in a peppy voice, “Come on! Get excited! Remember that you’re working for God and not for man! You know what? I’m going to send you a motivational text tomorrow morning to get you going.”

I recognized his biblical quotation of Ephesians, but rather than being uplifted, I was a bit put off. First of all, I wasn’t being overly negative; just straight-forward, and secondly, this is real life, dude. If you are expecting a super excited, bubbly cheerleader every day, I’m not your girl. I want to glorify God with my work ethic, but let’s not forget that over 1/3 of the Psalms are laments.

Putting aside my irritation at his overly chipper demeanor, I injected enthusiasm into my voice and asked Nick what he wanted to do on our second date. He mentioned a nearby park and suggested that we go running together after work the following day.

Running?! Hold on. I thought your intensely structured courtship plan specifically called for a “fun activity” on the second date. Emphasis on “fun”. Even considering those crazy people who actually like running, who wants to do that on a second date?

But of course I didn’t say that out loud. Instead, I convinced him that we could go for a nice walk in the 108 degree Texas heat. Yes, that sounds like a really fun second date activity. Don’t get me wrong; as a Crossfitter, I enjoy a good workout as much as the next girl, but it’s not exactly my idea of the quintessential get-to-know you activity, Mr. Smiling-Is-My-Favorite-Especially-When-It-Involves-Overheating.

The next morning when I woke up, I wondered why I had agreed to a second date at all because, true to his word, good ol’ Nick had sent me that motivational text.

Lolcat Good Morning

Authentically Aurora

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