Match Madness – Part II

As a continuation of Match Madness – Part 1, here are the Top 10 profile essays of men with whom I have personally been matched online.

I wonder if there’s an option for me to retake the personality assessment that this site is using for its compatibility algorithms…

ShavingMental note made: Don’t touch the man’s head!
Cooking movies
I’m sure there was supposed to be punctuation in there somewhere. This reminds me of “Let’s eat grandma: punctuation saves lives.” Fortunately, all that’s on the line here are a couple of DVDs.
Wow! You are very excited! And enthusiastic! Yay!!!
For those of you who don’t know what bio-hacking is (I didn’t, either; I looked it up), it’s basically self-mutilation. Gross. Where do they find these people?!
“There is to many.” If you don’t understand why this one made the list, please don’t read You Lost Me at “Your”.
…I see.
Expectations 1High expectations.
Expectations 2
More outrageous expectations.
Yeah, you sound really passionate about people.
AwkwardUm… [walks away]

Baby, if you’re expecting your wife to get you into heaven, you’ve got seriously unrealistic expectations about marriage.

Authentically Aurora

2 thoughts on “Match Madness – Part II

  1. Love this entertaining piece! Yet, the sad part is you’re paying for this site and this is as good as it gets with their high-priced algorithm and in-depth questionnaire — no wonder why there are no scientific studies published that prove their “scientific” tools or methodology actually work in matching potential couples. This is exactly why the Peeksi Project is doing dating differently. It’s like somebody put you in a ballroom full of people, turned the lights out and then said, “Now go find someone with whom you have chemistry and a connection.” That might indeed work better =D.
    Best wishes to you in your adventures!


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