ChestnutLocks & The Three Beaus


Once upon a time, there was a girl named ChestnutLocks. She lived in an apartment in the city.

One day, ChestnutLocks had her heart broken and was thrust back into The Wilderness of Dating, a place she had been before but had sworn never to return. She was very frightened, but then she stumbled across a speed dating event and met a friendly Beau named Victor.

Victor was an attractive physician, but this Beau drank too much mead and did not believe that Aslan was King, a belief ChestnutLocks held dear to her heart. So ChestnutLocks sadly parted ways with Victor, saying quietly to herself, “This one is too hard!”

Before too long, ChestnutLocks came upon a long-forgotten prophesied match named Sam. This Beau was an engineering professor at an esteemed private university, and he also attended Bible Study Fellowship, which told ChestnutLocks that not only did Sam believe that Aslan was King, but he was a loyal servant of the King. ChestnutLocks eagerly trekked two hours to meet this Beau at his favorite wishing well – a midway point they agreed upon by way of iPheasant carrier communication.

Beau Sam made ChestnutLocks giggle and laugh, but he was quite older than she. He was also rather short and round, like a roly poly. Professor Poly, as ChestnutLocks dubbed him internally, was very fun for ChestnutLocks to talk to, but she again parted ways with her Beau, thinking, “This one is too soft!”

ChestnutLocks was very lonely during her quiet walks through The Wilderness of Dating. She met Beaus that were too young and too old; too short and too tall; too hot and too cold. In fact, to this day, ChestnutLocks still wanders The Wilderness of Dating looking for a Beau about whom she can say, “This one is just right.”

Just right

Authentically Aurora

3 thoughts on “ChestnutLocks & The Three Beaus

  1. So…as a fellow follower of the great King, and one who has spent numerous years in the deep end of the dating pool, I would like to ask ChestnutLocks a question (or two or three….),

    After being so deeply wounded in her recent past why does she feel that she’s ready to get back into the search without being fully healed by the great King?

    And does our dear ChestnutLocks believe that rushing back into the search will somehow show the great King that she knows better than He; although, the great King is fully aware of her wound and desires for her to wait for Him to heal her completely before sending her back out into the search? (Psalm 27:14, Isaiah 40:31)

    And lastly, does our character, ChestnutLocks, have enough trust in the great King to provide her with His best or is she seeking to put the great King to the test by seeking food and healing according to her own desires? (Psalm 78:18)

    Only she can answer those questions…and only she knows the true nature and motives of her heart towards the great King. 🙂


    • It would seem that Sir Calvin has a rare gift for loving rebuke. It bodes well for the brave man that our character, ChestnutLocks, was able to read his concerns without ire or defensiveness.

      ChestnutLocks is aware that the great King is still healing her wounds, but she initially returned to The Wilderness of Dating not because she expected to find her “just right” but because she sought some small encouragement that a remnant of unwed Aslan-fearing men still existed in her generation.

      After prayer and reflection, ChestnutLocks – as Sir Calvin will recall from her September 18th entry – rescinded her online matching arrangement and sought the company of friends rather than suitors. Unfortunately, some of those friends desire to transform into lovers, and so ChestnutLocks – aware of the great King’s goodness and omnipotence – has begun efforts of disentanglement. ChestnutLocks has the unique blessing and curse of repeatedly attracting suitors, whether or not her charms are engaged, so she anticipates an ongoing battle. However, ChestnutLocks believes that Sir Calvin will enjoy her pending entry, written long before her receipt of his loving rebuke.

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  2. Sir Calvin is relieved to hear that she did not take offense to his questions and would like to thank her for her kind reply, and to inform our dearest ChestnutLocks that he now eagerly awaits her pending entry.


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