Adventures of an Introvert

Alaska log cabinI don’t want to disdain the general public. I really don’t. I want to be a kinder, gentler version of myself. But people are generally so irritating and lacking in both situational awareness and common courtesy that I can’t help but want to move to a log cabin in Alaska and cloister myself from society with nothing to keep me company but books and hot chocolate.

I went down to the office cafeteria for lunch today. That was my first mistake. I should have known better than to leave the safety and comfort of my solitary cubicle.

I got into the salad bar line behind an elderly Chinese man who apparently thinks the best way to communicate what you want on your salad is to stick your fingers into each of the topping choices as you point to them. You know those slanted, clear glass walls that are supposed to act as germ barriers in buffet lines? Well the one in our cafe has about a 12″ gap along the bottom – just enough for Mr. “Free-E.coli-For-Everyone!” to stretch his hand underneath to point very specifically at which vegetable he wants added to his salad next.

DisgustedWhile I was trying not to make this face at his dandruff covered fingernails in my cucumber slices, the girl behind me kept bumping into me. At first, I thought she must be looking down at her cell phone and not paying attention to where she was going. But the fourth time her hand grazed my buttocks, I turned around and discovered that there was no cell phone; she’s just one of those people whose “personal space bubble” is essentially nonexistent.

Personal spaceIt’s true that I have a very firm, round derriere, but that is not an open invitation to cop a feel. So the fifth time she bumped into me and murmured, “Sorry,” I just about turned around and said, “Don’t be sorry. Either back it up or man up and ask for my number.”

I joke about her trying to touch me intentionally, but the sad part is, she wasn’t actually that sly. She was just severely impaired in regard to spacial relations.

I finally got to the cash register, paid an exorbitant amount for my dressing-saturated salad, and escaped back to my desk after being run into by another oblivious man and sharing the elevator with a woman who spoke so loudly that she caused my ears physical pain.

Tomorrow, I’m bringing my lunch.

Authentically Aurora

8 thoughts on “Adventures of an Introvert

    • Hi Steve! I am a HUGE fan of Myers Briggs (have actually considered being a career counselor because of my passion for personalities). Like you, I am an INTJ. Whoop! INTJs: Winning debates since forever.


      • Bingo! Lol! I always seem to be able to peg the INTJ’s when I see them or read their blogs. I’ve read so many other people with that personality sharing their thoughts and no offense, but your situation kind of reminds me of many of other INTJ’s who are struggling with finding a person to be in a relationship with. Some INTJ’s are “clueless in romance” but more my problem is that I haven’t found anyone with the same commitment as I am and I honestly don’t see the point of being in a serious relationship in my senior year of high-school.

        I also wanted to go into psychology for a long time since I love how the mind works – especially personalities. So on that website, there’s a bunch of forums where people with INTJ personalities are talking to each other. It’s so fascinating!!!

        Yes, I honestly help out my friends a lot in their troubled times. Even though I can’t stand drama (seems to be a big hate with INTJ’s) I tell them the most logical situation when they are having relationship troubles. Some of them are definitively eye-rolls. 😛

        I am described as sarcastic, dark, thinker, funny, original, unique, craving independence, determinated, and book-worm (that’s honestly my favorite).

        I am also a Christian like you…so I have to ask, what’s the thought-process with you becoming and being a Christian? Sometimes, it’s very hard to act like a Christian. I try my best. I actually just wrote a poem about that discussion. If you want to check it out, that would be cool!

        Sorry that this is so long! Very typical me!

        Wishing you all the best in life!



        • “No offense, but your situation kind of reminds me of many of other INTJ’s who are struggling with finding a person to be in a relationship with. Some INTJ’s are ‘clueless in romance.'”

          Hmm… I’m not quite sure how to take that comment. Tacking “no offense” to the front of your sentence doesn’t make me take any less offense if you were meaning to insinuate that you perceive me to be “clueless in romance.” Have you read all of my dating stories?! I think (and hope) you just meant it’s a common theme among typical INTJs but not one you think I personify. 😉

          If you’re a senior in high school, I doubt you’ll find anyone who knows anything about commitment in relationships, even if they THINK they understand what a committed relationship means. At 18, most people still have a romanticized, idealistic view of relationships no matter how wise and mature they think they may be. Like a typical INTJ, I’m sure you’re ahead of the curve in maturity, so you’re smart not to expect a serious relationship at this season of life.

          You asked me my thought process in becoming a Christian. Are you asking for my testimony? Because that would be a full post in and of itself! What’s your story? You’re right that it can be hard to act like a Christian. The apostle Paul wrote a lot about our sinful selves being at war with the Spirit within us in Galatians 5 and Romans 7. GREAT reading!!! It sounds from your poem like you’ve been through a lot already in life. Keep your chin up. God has great plans for you, and He loves you beyond comprehension!


  1. Sorry about that…I definitely meant that it’s very typical with INtJ’s and that absolutely doesn’t seem like that in your case. Like in my poem, it’s all about finding someone we can trust. One of my INTJ guy friends (he’s 18 and is very mature) has had 2 girlfriends and now he’s on a third one and she’s a lot better.

    You’re right about this age. I think it’s more pride that teenagers want to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Like that one song that title escapes my mind says, “It’s Desperation, not Love.” I actually have more friends who are girls than guys – I find guys at this age way more immature. There was this one girl who especially liked me and I liked her just as a friend but she wanted to be in a relationship with me. I then learned that she had like 5 other boyfriends before. I said it in the nicest way possible by basically saying that I wouldn’t be in a relationship with her by saying, “I’m not ready.” She then dropped that friendship pretty quickly, which was pretty sad. Therefore, that is part of the reason why I’ve built up so many layers of “cautious filters.”

    Well, you should write a post about it. You’ve done quite a few Christian inspirational posts but nothing like that. I would definitely enjoy it! 🙂 I always love hearing other people’s stories – part of the reason why I decided to start writing a blog and also to get some things off of my chest.

    Thank you so much for those encouraging words!!! 🙂 Some people may say that I’m a bad Christian because of this, but I never really preach the gospel unless people really ask for my opinions. I don’t want to appear as a “pushy Christian.” All I stress is to really think for themselves since I believe people just listen to what other people say. Actually, I find this to be very important for every INTJ – part of that independent thinking. This is a quote that I made up that’s part of my core value and why I’m such a strong Christian. “Don’t follow the crowd but think for yourself so you can be yourself while being passionate and committed at what you do and believe.” Whatever information about Christianity I got from my parents, I didn’t just accept it but I researched everything. I think that’s why so many Christian teenagers leave the faith after they leave their parents house and teachings.

    Keep on searching to see God in new ways and to find that perfect guy. I’m 100% you will find him! If it’s something that I’ve learned, whether it takes just a couple of minutes or many years, our personality always seeks and will eventually find what we are looking for. 🙂 You’re not a bad person…it’s just that you haven’t found great guy!

    P.S. I absolutely love what your dad said about you as well, “My daddy once told me that I am like a rose – vibrant, vivacious and stunningly striking. But I also have thorns. My strengths are wonderfully substantial, but my failings are intensely piercing.” This is one of the best quotes that I’ve heard about anyone! 🙂 Part of the reason why I followed you to see what this was all about.



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