Milk & Honey

Sometimes I pretend to be healthy.

Like eating dark chocolate covered almonds.  Almonds have “good fat”, and dark chocolate is full of antioxidants. Total health food, right?

BaconI did the Paleo diet for six weeks straight last year and got really good at finding “healthy alternatives” to my usual snacks. Chocolate covered bacon, for instance.

The other day, I decided to do another healthy alternative to one of my (many) weaknesses: The Mocha. I just started experimenting: milk, water, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, etc. After a few variations, I decided to chunk the cocoa powder altogether, and I ended up with a deliciously sweet latte-like drink that was made of almost exclusively milk and honey.

“Mmmm, a taste of heaven on earth. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”

And then it hit me. God did.

Milk and HoneyAll throughout the Old Testament, God speaks to His people the Israelites about the Promised Land – the land He has promised them – as the land “flowing with milk and honey.” Whaaat. Yes, that just happened.

Go, God! I concur that milk and honey is a winning combination.

I guess concurring with God and communicating concurrence is also typically a winning combination.

Authentically Aurora

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