Dragon’s Hide

Dragon PrincessYou almost convinced me you were safe.

You almost had me trusting you.

But one mistake is all it takes

And now I’m on to you.

I remember now why my walls are up.

I remember why I’m alone.

My mind stands guard as my heart’s sentry

And no prince or pauper will gain entry.

If I let you in, you’ll steal my heart

And dash off on another quest.

You’ll vanish into nothingness

Just like all the rest.

My marble tower is cold but safe

With armor, you can’t wound me

You alone may see the princess inside

But you can’t pierce this dragon’s hide.

You alone may see the girl within

But my heart won’t abide being hurt again.

Authentically Aurora

11 thoughts on “Dragon’s Hide

  1. This is just a beautiful piece of work. I feel so sorry for you. I actually know how it feels and it hurts… now I’ve built up so many layers of cautiousness that I don’t know if I will ever be able to open myself to anyone really…not just someone so I can be in a relationships with someone. I promise you really that I will be praying for you.

    It would be really nice if you could pray for me as well. That would be so much to me! You seem like a very nice person and I absolutely love your posts! They are very inspiring and they bring memories of pain and thoughts of my mine.


    • Thanks, Steve! You’ve got it – I’ll be praying for you. I’m so glad you find meaning and connection in my posts. Keep fighting the good fight of the faith – God is good all the time, even when we can’t see the bigger picture. ❤


      • Exactly!!! I always try to see the big picture. I sometimes see people as too short-sighted but I try to be the other way. Sometimes it’s very hard for me to see what God is doing but usually it’s to learn a lesson. Not too sound too arrogant but I think I’m far more mature than some older Christians because I’m just waiting and trying to think what God is saying to me. When troubles come unlike some other Christians, I always try to figure out what he’s trying to teach me. So I’ve learned so many lessons. I have had no regrets that I had a depression and I’m kind of proud of it because it taught me so many things. These hard times have me strong. As I say in my poem, “An unstoppable force.”


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