Vice President Fabio

FabioMy department at work just got a new VP – a Swiss guy named Fabian something-or-other, but everyone keeps calling him “Fabio”, which of course reminds me of this guy… who I have in fact met in person. But that’s a story for another day.

Today’s story is about how freaking awesome our new VP is. True, he’s a terrible public speaker (what corporate Vice President starts his speech with, “I’m really nervous right now”?), but the things he says are definitely quotable. Like, for instance:

“Collectively, our department is a bunch of process bureaucrats.” [this not said affectionately]

“Having internal stakeholders? This is high level bullshit talk.” [i.e. our stakeholders are our stockholders, not our internal management]

“If somebody gives you a stupid request, in the nicest way possible, tell them to ‘bugger off’.” [Yes! Where have you been all my life?!]

Bonus: Imagine all of these statements made in a thick Swiss German accent.

I’ve decided that despite his terrible public speaking skills and lack of Fabio-like hair, I actually really like this guy. He is anti-process bureaucrats and “high level bullshit talk”. That’s a VP I can get on board with. Onward, Fabio!

Authentically Aurora

4 thoughts on “Vice President Fabio

  1. Way to tease us about the meeting Fabio in person and then push it to the side just like that! How could you? You may not spill about it now, but you better not forget about it. I can’t wait for this one. Oh and lucky you having a good VP. It would be nice to have any upper level management that gave us any sort of support.

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    • Haha, okay. I’ll tell you all about my run-in with Fabio in a Throwback Thursday post someday soon! 🙂 As for our VP… unfortunately he sits in Hamburg, Germany, so I’m only cautiously optimistic about what kind of impact his no-nonsense management style will have on this side of the pond. :/


      • Oh bummer. So far away..hopefully he will give your bosses the biz and make them more aware of the little guys doing all the work. Wish that would happen here…Can’t wait for the Fabio post. If nothing else, at least that guy is …interesting.

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