Sir Scintillation and his Quick-witted Quips

couple-laughingI wish quick-witted humor made me laugh out loud. For one thing, my abs could use the work out, but more than that, I hold clever humor in such high esteem that it seems like it deserves the visible appreciation of throw-your-head-back kind of laughter. But as much intellectual appreciation as I may have for a clever turn of phrase, by its very nature all it ever elicits externally is a quiet chuckle.

Bryan and I went on another date earlier this week. We have been seeing each other for about two months now, but as of yet, we are still testing the waters and not putting any labels on our relationship. Since Bryan is a gentleman and always drives, he had never seen the inside of my car. After some playful teasing about what the state of my car’s interior must be, I offered to drive us to pick up dinner for our night in.

I keep my bible on my passenger seat, so as Bryan climbed into my car, I slid the book to the floor. Bryan immediately quipped, “I’m not comfortable with a sword at my feet.” I grinned instantly, catching his reference to Ephesians 6 – the bible is the “sword of the Spirit”.

I tweaked my eyebrow at him with a sideways smile as I picked up the bible and moved it to the backseat. His response was immediate, “Jesus should never take a backseat.” Ugh! I groaned with a grin, rolled my eyes and put my car in drive.

During our delicious Cuban dinner, Bryan made a few more witty comments, all of which made me smile but none of which made me laugh.

Near the end of our evening together, he commented, “You never laugh at my jokes.”

My eyes widened in surprise. Had I hurt his feelings?

“I think your jokes are hilarious, but they’re not exactly laugh out loud kind of jokes.”

I thought for a moment, realizing that I don’t hear Bryan laugh often; then continued, “You actually don’t laugh out loud much yourself, do you?”

“I laugh out loud on the inside,” he told me with an adorably somber face.

A tried to hide my smile. “Me, too,” I said, and I kissed him gently on the cheek.

Authentically Aurora

5 thoughts on “Sir Scintillation and his Quick-witted Quips

  1. You know you make a good point here. I don’t often laugh out loud very often (which is why I strongly dislike when people use LOL at anything that is remotely funny). I decided to make my own acronym because even though I’m pretty witty, most things aren’t worthy of a big belly laugh. So my new acronym is CTM (chuckle to myself) since about 90 percent of things people say are only worthy of that. My favorite people are ones who actually make me laugh out loud.

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  2. This is so true for me as well! Most of the time, I don’t have a smile on my face (makes my mom mad a little) but that’s only because I feel like the person will feel much better if they see a change in my expression, which usually is a smirk or if it’s really good, “the most handsome smile ever.”

    I feel like God’s second best gift to us is humor that we can laugh. It’s proven that laughing will help you stay healthy. I honestly love to laugh because of all of the drama and sometimes horrible things that I go through. I have found quite a few comedians who seem to share my same sense of humor.

    If I get to know someone pretty well, I can be incredibly funny. Like a typical INTJ, I have found one of my best passions is: to make people laugh. So I spend much of my time getting to know people and what they find funny whether it’s silly, sarcastic, dark humor, funny story telling ,clever-humor (that’s what Bryan has), or morbid humor. So I use the information I learn from a person to see what they like the best and then I focus on that, which makes me quite hilarious! I am definitely the comedian in the family. I actually wrote a book that I plan to publish one of these days on everything to do with humor.

    INTJ’s are the critics of everything but sometimes we carry it (our pride of our humor) a little too far, which is why we don’t laugh at everything. I’ve learned that we need to be careful to more sensitive personalities or they will become discouraged (no wonder why they hate us!). I don’t care for those jokes that have been around for ages and people keep telling them over and over but we should encourage them and pick out something in their humor that is good. Perhaps, maybe even give them advice but we shouldn’t blow them off and think we are so righteous in who we are (not necessarily saying that this is what you did at all!). However, I find a lot of people who say they are INTJ’s who are like this but really they aren’t. I’ve found that the most mature-hardcore INTJ will do anything to encourage others to be better.


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