Dating a Double O

Vesper James BondI think I might be dating 007. Bryan owns:

5 houses,

4 guns,

3 passports,

2 vehicles

and has taken at least 1 FBI training course.

And we just booked tickets together to get our sailing certifications in the Caribbean. If I disappear, it wasn’t the Bermuda Triangle. It was Bond. Bryan Bond.

Authentically Aurora

P.S. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t go on this trip if I didn’t trust him implicitly. And my parents will have all of my travel documentation and itinerary, just in case. And my Special Forces older brother could take a Double O any day. So booyah.

10 thoughts on “Dating a Double O

      • Lol! I do love the poster that says about him , “Be polite, be courteous, show professionals, and have a plan to kill everyone in the room.”

        An “E”, I was figuring he was an “I”. In any case, rooting for you in life and hoping that you find whoever that “special guy” out there that God has for you whether it’s Bryan or not! 🙂 Although, I do have to ask you, once you do marry, what are you going to post about since your blog is all about “MY ADVENTURES IN SINGLENESS AND MISADVENTURES IN DATING?” Something to ponder about, eh? 😉


    • Ugh, the Mouse! Definitely a reason to be bitter. Also, bitterness toward all of the princesses for giving young Aurora unrealistic expectations about love. Well if you end up in the Bermuda triangle in June, be sure to say hi. I will have been stuck there for a few months by then, so I can show you around.


      • I went to Florida about three years ago and we did a 6 park in 7 day thing and my feet still haven’t forgiven me. Though I did have a lot of material for the blog. This time I think I will be a little less bitter and just try to relax on that cruise. And get swallowed up in the Bermuda Triangle while relaxing by the pool. I do hope you will have the place spruced up by the time we get trapped there.


    • I couldn’t help but see this and I’ve always gotten annoyed with mickey’s voice. I’ve never liked Disney Land or World because I always get sick with the rides. So I don’t see the point of staying in long rides just to get sick! However, I love cruises but being stuck on the same boat that has all of the Disney characters would be kind of dreadful. Plus, knowing that these people dressed up as these characters aren’t as good as the ones that are at on land… this is why their bosses shipped them off! 😛


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