VOTE!!! Humorous or Heartfelt?

What-do-you-thinkSince I wasn’t cool enough (read: hadn’t been blogging for long enough) to get a 2014 stats/analytics summary from WordPress, I decided to create my own. Because I am a nerd with too much time on my hands.

What I found is that my posts that get the most Comments are not also the posts that get the most Likes.

You, dear Reader, apparently most enjoy commenting on posts where I share my heart with you. Without a doubt, I get the most comments on posts about being an introvert and the unique joys and challenges that come with that.

Avg CommentsIn many of my most commented-on posts – The Worst Version of Myself, Misunderstood, and the Fiery/Fragile Child – Part II – I am very vulnerable in sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings. You guys apparently enjoy discussing when I get all soft and mushy! 😉

Avg LikesBut the posts that get the most Likes tend to either be my Creative Expressions (my poetry and photography) or humorous rants, like my list of 5 Things NOT to say to the Sister of the Groom, as well as posts where I share about my Christian faith.

So vulnerability elicits discussion, whereas humor elicits virtual high-fives. Perhaps this is not very surprising or ground-breaking research, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Share your opinion! What do you want to read about more, going forward?

My experiences as an Introvert?

Adventures in Dating?

Opinions on Christianity?

Sarcastic rants about life in general?

Thanks in advance for the input, and as always, thanks for reading!

Authentically Aurora

11 thoughts on “VOTE!!! Humorous or Heartfelt?

  1. My personal favorite of yours or any blog is a humorous rant. Or in other words, any post that I would write myself. Which says, “I love myself and my blog so much that I only like others who post or blog about the same things I would.” How sad is that? But I love all your other posts too.


    • Haha, this does not surprise me in the least. If I’m honest, my humorous rants are my favorite, too. The super vulnerable ones are basically just my diary posted online for all to see. I’m an external processor, so getting all my thoughts written or typed out it helpful for me to think through things in an external environment instead of getting stuck in my head. But those are sometimes painful to write. The rants are fun to write!


  2. I always love your humorous posts, your sense of humour makes me laugh out loud. But I also appreciate your personal stories, they make me feel as if I know you a bit better. I’m sorry, I couldn’t choose one over the other haha 😛


  3. Well, look at that! It’s your four strongest followers with Bitter Ben, Mrs. Spike, Ally and I. I think we’re your main commenters and likers (whatever you want to call them). 😛

    You’ve started your blog before me and I still got a annual WordPress stats review even though I only did blogging for 1 1/2 months in 2014 so I don’t understand that.

    It makes sense that you have the most comments on your challenges with being an introvert because you have at least two INTJs( Bitter Ben and I) and two INFJ’s (Ally and Mrs. Spike) following you. It’s a real struggle for us not to comment!!! We have a lot of similarities with you and your struggles and we’re either 1. agreeing with you. 2. showing as much sympathy for you or give advice to you. I’ve realized that people seem to comment on my more honest as well.

    I personally love your Christian posts as well. There are some things that I haven’t thought of before and I like your twist on those topics. I also like your dating stories. I have been for the last couple of months been dating an INTJ girl (she’s a Christian) not really on an extremely romantic level but more as a good friend and just having fun. She definitely reminds me of what I’ve read about you…I think that’s how every INTJ young women is. Of course it’s an added plus when she’s a Christ follower as well! 🙂 I was actually going to post about our dates and stuff like that…I’ll try not to steal your spotlight of your dates! 😉 Yours are far more romantic! 🙂

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    • 1. Fair observation on my four strongest followers. Thanks, guys!!! Y’all are awesome and make me feel so loved every time you stop by! 🙂

      2. “You’ve started your blog before me and I still got a annual WordPress stats review… so I don’t understand that.” I don’t understand, either! WAAAH! 😦

      3. I love that all of my fellow introverts comment! Especially given our nature, I think it’s important for all of us to feel the camaraderie of others who understand us and the way we work.

      4. “Of course it’s an added plus when she’s a Christ follower as well.” – Hopefully not just an added plus, but a necessity! 2 Cor. 6:14. Also, you can make your dates as romantic or unromantic as you want. You’re the man; you hold the reins! I suggest understanding her primary love language(s) so you know if she needs quality time, acts of service, etc. Set your relationship up for success! 😉


      • Your stats/analytic summary is far better than what I got from WordPress. How much do you charge to do that for other bloggers? 🙂

        True…Very true! When we started off being friends, she was incredibly private and she didn’t/still doesn’t really trust any guy. I’ve had to build up a great reputation and destroy all of those filters that she’s built up. Yes, I am “the man” but to earn her respect I needed to let her do what she thought was best. Okay, maybe I used some of my humor to help break those filters because she couldn’t resist laughing. 😉 After a long time, I’ve finally earned her trust and she’s earned my trust so it’s not like we’re not romantic (we don’t play those weird dating games like other kids do) but (remember we’re only 18) she told me that she would just want to be a very good friend with me than be like all of those other kids who are seriously dating even though their relationship will most likely fall. Right now, she think our friendship is the most important thing and I love that in her! Plus, she’s going to a different college but who knows, if we don’t find anyone then we might get back together and marry…and HAVE KIDS!! Oh, NO! I forgot about that…perhaps not then! I definitely do not want to have a boy because *kicks stone and whistles while looking in the sky* I like many boys do some weird things. I have to admit, I was a very curious kid! One of the perks of me when I was young though was that I never threw tantrums… I always found a way to get something using various methods. 😉 Sorry I kind of drifted off from the topic!

        P.S. If you do marry (hopefully so), then you could always write about the struggles of having a kid. Now that would be interesting!


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