Churchill Wasn’t Talking About Dating

passive-aggressiveI don’t know whether to be impressed or appalled by Nick’s insatiable enthusiasm for persisting in trying to date me.

I can appreciate his Churchill-like perseverance, but I’m pretty sure Churchill’s famous “never give in” speech wasn’t about dating. In war, be persistent. In love, be perceptive.

After the Dutch steak debacle, I thought Nick and I were through rehashing our non-relationship. But then I got this text:

photoSo he wanted to get dinner with me, but when I told him I had other plans, he decided that he couldn’t even stay until the end of math practice. Does that seem a bit passive-aggressive to anyone else? Especially when, shortly thereafter, he sent me another text referencing the profile picture associated with my gmail account:

CaptureSee, this is why I love math. Math is black and white. Your answer is either right or wrong. And there’s no revisiting the answer multiple times.

Math doesn’t create drama. Math doesn’t invite you to undefined steak dinners. Math is simple and straightforward.

Math doesn’t give mixed signals or go all passive-aggressive on you. Math doesn’t make obscure sports references in an effort to quantify your level of attractiveness.

Relationships with Math exist without ambiguity. People either love or hate Math. And Math either loves or hates people.

Math is basically the best boyfriend ever. So peace out, Nick. I’m spoken for. I’m committed to my relationship with Math.

Authentically Aurora

16 thoughts on “Churchill Wasn’t Talking About Dating

  1. Ha, you and your math. Trust me, I dislike drama as much as the next, but my math is video games. They are not only creative, but a way of escape when people are being stupid. I know I can always count on them to be there for me, regardless of how dumb people are outside. But I totally get your love of math. I guess I would like it, if it weren’t so hard to do.

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      • Finally Fantasy 10 is still one of my all time favorite games. The music was unforgettable and I love the story too. And that was the last one that did it old school traditional before they started messing with the fighting system.


        • I was hoping you were an FF fan! FFVIII is my favorite. The graphics aren’t as great as FFX, but I love Squall and his character development. Also, I learned to play most of the FFVIII music on the piano, so I’m somewhat invested. 😉 What other games do you play?


        • Oh my gosh, yes. The music is amazing. And I can’t believe you play it on the piano! I would love if you could record that and send it to me. I would pay you what it is worth (your music has been properly vetted to me already.)
          I love RPG’s, but also love first person shooter’s Gears of War, etc. I’m playing Sunset Overdrive right now, and really want to get Dragon Age sometime. If they are good I will play them (just really slowly, as I usually only get a few hours a week). Which other games do you like?


        • I’ve always been an RPG girl, but I did play Halo a bit in high school for the sake of my relationships with my younger brother and boyfriend at the time. The things we do for love…!


        • I know. I play a lot of games with my son that I wouldn’t normally play, but like you said, we do things for our relationships, even play Halo. I’ve never been a Halo fan either. So you’re gonna do a CD for me right? It’s okay if you can’t though.


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