I Forgot My Pants

pants phoneBryan and I have started attending bible study together on Monday nights after work. I drive directly to his place from the office; then we carpool to the house where we meet with our group. In an effort to avoid spending 18 straight hours in my business clothes, this week I brought a pair of jeans to change into from my dress slacks.

Bryan’s garage has a touch pad for entry, so he encouraged me to let myself in and change clothes if I got to his place before he did. He arrived just five minutes after me, so we left shortly thereafter for our group’s discussion of Galatians.

I really like the group of people we meet with. First of all, they always have awesome food (this week, it was a delicious fruit, meat and cheese platter). But more than that, everyone in the group is insightful, kind, mature, and creates an atmosphere that is a safe space for open discussion. I think I’m the only one there in my 20s – everyone else is in their 30s – but it suits me.

At the end of the evening this week, Bryan drove us back to his place, and we started walking down the block to where my car was parked. But halfway there, I stopped suddenly.

“Oh! I forgot my pants upstairs!”

I turned around to walk back to his house and heard him chuckling. I glanced behind me, and he winked at me.

“If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that…” he began.

“…I hope you’d be a poor man,” I finished for him.

“…I’d have a dollar,” he completed his sentence, grinning at me.

And this is why I keep him around. This man is a gem.

Authentically Aurora

4 thoughts on “I Forgot My Pants

  1. I’m totally with you on the work clothes. 18 hours in work clothes is not acceptable. If I could get away with it, I would be wearing sweats and sandals 24/7. I don’t care if the King of England was visiting. Don’t worry though. We pick up some sweats for him.

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