Whispers to God

b5a8332fd15c4ce89870d054041e0ceeYou love me.

You are for me. You are working for my good.

You love me.

You will never walk out on me. You will not reject me. Even when I am faithless, You are faithful.

You delight in me. You cherish me. You rejoice over me with singing.

You love me.

You deem me worth pursuing. You pursue me endlessly. You are always waiting with open arms. You lead me into the wilderness and speak tenderly to me there. You draw me to Yourself.

You love me unconditionally. You see me as I am, know me intimately, and love me exactly as You created me. You created me beautifully and with purpose.

You are in my corner. You declare me worthy. You believe that I am worth fighting for. You have shown that You find me worth dying for.

You are strong, and You love me.

I am loved by You. I am cherished, delighted in, rejoiced over, pursued endlessly and loved unconditionally.


Authentically Aurora

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