All*rgic to (YOU KNOW WHO)

My throat hurts today. Scratchy. Painful. Raw. I just got up from night’s dark as pain shot through my body. Plant dust abounds, and all of my nasal canals cry out. I do shots to avoid this, but alas, to no avail. Vitamin C is my companion today. And gin and tonic. My throat will claim victory tomorrow. No skirmish has a finish without a fight.

Whew! Pretty sure that paragraph is free of any Es! And pretty sure I’ve already used 11 Es since ending that paragraph. Thanks, babysteps22 for the nomination for the “Allergic to E” challenge! It was a great opportunity to try communicating my inner bitterness without use of the word “bitter” itself. Which gives me an idea…

My Nominees:

Bitter Ben – Because, like me, he will be bitter about typing a paragraph (inherently about bitterness) without using the word bitter.

Ally – Because with her extensive vocabulary, this exercise will be a piece of cake.

Mrs. Spike – Because she is a life-long learner who has learned to embrace challenges.

Salvageable – Because of his love of writing.

Schnitzel – Because she is a hilarious writer, and I want to read her take on this challenge… um, prompt… Darn E’s… they’re everywhere…

The Rules:

Write a whole paragraph (a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e”. Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure. If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame. If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

Auth*ntically Aurora

12 thoughts on “All*rgic to (YOU KNOW WHO)

  1. My Darling Offspring,
    I don’t know why you think it’s so difficult. Your mom and I don’t. Putting down words using only consonants and A’s, I’s, O’s and U’s is (to borrow from Sir Conan) primary, my doting Watson. As for your cold, drink lots of poultry soup. It couldn’t hurt! Also, stay out of crowds in bars and don’t drink gin and tonic. Stick with a Banana Bunny or two.


  2. Though not directly challenged, I took it as such … so ….
    Trying to build a paragraph without using a singular bit of a library of “A to Z” is hard. But difficult is not a justification for inaction. It is an opportunity for individuals to summon all practical valor. To a victor, spoils naturally attach. A warrior should win such booty (or swag?) his fight might spawn. If a mortal fails, whilst daring mightily, his station is not with such cold and timid souls not familiar with victory or ruin (kudos to our 26th POTUS). Did I win? I know not, but I do know this: To try and fail is of intrinsic worth and might surpass any distinctions a culmination might propound. Conclusions stand distinct from labor. This is a paragraph, going on will not supply additional footing.

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  3. I got to work this morning, and I saw that my duty is to form (or script) a paragraph without a most common sign or symbol. How can I do this? And on a Monday morning to boot! I will try to stir my brain into action, but it is hard to gain victory and claim any award on this occasion. Thank you for this amazing and difficult task, A. Aurora. I will claim my victims (for this duty) tonight. J.
    (And I too look forward to Bitt*r B*n’s rant.)

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  4. You think that I would ever want to type a paragraph without using E’s and without using the word bitter? Well you know for a fact that whenever someone challenge’s me to do something, I do the complete opposite. So I will just turn that thing right around and type a paragraphe with as manye E’s as posseble. Noe one is goinge to evere makee mee typee with leess eee’s. You bitter beleive that isn’t goinge to happene.

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  5. Thank you for this difficult task. I didn’t think I could form a paragraph without using this particular symbol, but it looks as though I may triumph. What a difficult and fun thing to try. I had to wrack my brain to find words I could apply. I am also fond of all paragraphs prior to my own. Amazing and skilful work. I wish for your cold to vanish soon, Aurora. Drink lots of fluids and nap if your body is worn out. Looking forward to your up and coming posts!


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