Helping Hand Award

Helping HandWhen I get outrageously bored and feel stuck in the mundane, I start creating – doodling in meetings, daydreaming during long commutes, or developing song lyrics while trying to stay conscious during a particularly tedious conversation.

Actually, when I get really sad… or mad… or happy… I start creating. I’m an artist. That’s what I do. But when I get bored is when I really, REALLY start to daydream and think about possibilities of what COULD be. It’s my way to escape the present.

And, in the past few weeks and months of trying to escape the present, I’ve been mulling over the idea of developing my own blogging award. I was thinking I’d call it the Encouraging Blogger Award… or something catchy like Aurora’s Award for Affirmation… or something not-so-catchy like the Not-So-Bitter Blogger Award.

But then – THEN! – I got nominated by Brighton Bipolar for this thing called the Helping Hand Blogger Award (thanks, Brighton!). I didn’t even know it existed! But it’s exactly what I’ve been daydreaming about because I’ve been wanting to let a number of you know just how much your comments and feedback mean to me.

The Helping Hand Blogger Award is meant to recognize bloggers who not only write encouraging, inspiring blogs, but also take the time to invest in their fellow bloggers through kind and insightful comments. This blogging community has been such a blessing to me over the past year; you really have become family. The best kind of family: the kind of family I never actually have to meet… or go on vacations with… or talk to about politics over Thanksgiving dinner.

But seriously. Thanks, dear blogging friends, for your support and encouragement over the past several months. A special shout out to my Helping Hand nominees, who I hope to meet someday, either on this side of heaven or the next:

Authentically Aurora

11 thoughts on “Helping Hand Award

  1. Thanks Aurora! I’ve often thought of making an award too, but for bitterness. I would probably give that to you if I ever did because I know you have the mischievous bitterness quality about you, but for some reason that just makes me laugh. Thanks for the award and I agree. Whether in this life or the next I hope we get to meet!

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  2. Thank you very much for the honor, Aurora! I’d nominate you for the very same award if you hadn’t just received it. I too am looking forward to meeting you at the Grand Reunion and Eternal Celebration, if not sooner as well. J.

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