The Disappointment

I took up a new hobby this week: Disappointing people.

It’s rather freeing. I see now why so many people are so fucking disappointing all the time. Life is pretty easy when you’re a fucking selfish asshole who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but yourself.

Bryan called me twice today after a month of silence. I ignored him.

No return phone call for you, asswipe. 

A friend wanted to meet up for dinner this weekend. I made reservations two weeks ago. That friend proceeded to back out. I cancelled the reservations. Now she wants to meet up after all.

No fucking way, girlfriend. I’m making you as much a priority as you’ve made me. 

I was supposed to meet a group tonight at an obscure location. The address I was given led me nowhere. I tried calling one of the guys, and his helpful guidance was, “Just keep wandering around. You’ll find it.” Guess what? I didn’t. So after half an hour of walking around outside in 95 degree heat, I went home. An hour later, I got six calls and three texts asking me to come back.

Thanks anyway, bitches. I’ve got better shit to do. 

I caught up with an old friend earlier this week. At the end of dinner, he wanted to make out in the back of his truck. I figured, why not? He’s lonely, I’m lonely, and we can just use each other, knowing that neither one of us has anything at all invested.

His level of commitment is exactly the same as every other bastard I’ve ever gone out with. The only difference is that this fucker is actually honest about the fact that he has no intention of ever caring about me.



13 thoughts on “The Disappointment

  1. Tough week huh A? Disappointing people is a pasttime of mine. I guess we are a lot like Moses and Noah. I mean Moses wandered around in a desert for 40 years and didn’t even make it to the promised land. And Noah saved a bunch of animals, but couldn’t even save a bunch of people. See what a bunch of disappointments we are?


  2. Does their opinion of you matter? Not in the slightest. Are you disappointed with yourself? I sense that you are, yes. Stop. Just stop. Stop blaming yourself for not living up to the high standards you have set for yourself. You are truly awesome. You know that you are precious to the One who matters, and He will never disappoint you. I’ll be thinking of you today. J.


  3. All of these situations have one thing in common: you weren’t in the wrong. You don’t need to be accessible 24/7, especially to people who don’t seem to value you, or your time. I hope your weekend goes better, you’re in my thoughts.

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  4. Life is hard for those that care. “Just keep wandering around. You’ll find it.” — This is what society, in general says. Or maybe just “Wander around and pick up shiny objects along the way. It will all be ok in the end.”

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