Poco a Poco

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.44.47 PMToday the thought of someone made my heart flip-flop. And it took me by surprise.

That hasn’t happened in a long time, even with as many dates as I’ve been on in recent months. Well on my way to the callous brazenness of a bitter, hardened woman, I had grown numb to the nerves of excitement and lovely butterflies of new beginnings.

By the grace of God, He is keeping my heart soft.

We are just friends – this someone and I – with no hint of anything romantic at this point, but I am discovering that I am really enjoying getting to know his character, little by little, as our friendship blossoms.

Some weeks ago, I committed to a season of singleness. And I am finding that there is joy in the waiting.

Authentically Aurora

8 thoughts on “Poco a Poco

  1. The lucky guy! Seriously, you-all have two things going for you already–the fact that you are building on a friendship, and the fact that you, Aurora, are content as you are rather than desperate for romance. Not to raise your hopes unfairly, but if he can match you in wit, wisdom, charm, and elegance, the opportunity is golden. And if he doesn’t treat you right, expect me to be first in line to come out there and set him straight. J.

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