Savior Complex

This is me.

The attitude, not the physique.


Dumb, right? So wonderfully, sweetly, blindly, stupidly idealistic.

I need a sidekick like this, who will verbally slap me in the face and tell me like it is. Oh wait. I do. That would be my mother.  (Thanks, Mom!)

Unfortunately for my dear mother’s nerves, like Oliver, I tend to learn many of life’s lessons the hard way.

Actually, a lot of times, I apparently don’t learn them at all, so I get to repeat the same fun, educational, heartbreaking, soul crushing experiences over and over again. *Sigh

Authentically Aurora

5 thoughts on “Savior Complex

  1. Aurora, I know it’s frustrating to be that person, but that happens to be one of your endearing characteristics. Hope is a wonderful blessing to have, but unfortunately it attracts horseflies along with the butterflies. Hang in there; I know God has wonderful things in store for you. (Wish I knew what they are, but if I did, I wouldn’t give away His surprise.) Happy Saturday! J.


    • Thanks, J. I needed this encouragement this week. It’s so frustrating to feel like my ministry of loving the unlovely or having hope for the hopeless always results in getting myself into bad situations.

      In college, I used to pray all the time that God would increase my love for people; I didn’t love people well. He certainly answered. I think now it’s time to pray for discernment and discipline, to guard myself from the kind of situations my deep love and intense hope can get me into.


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