Yogi’s Choice

How are y’all’s New Year’s Resolutions going? I am pleased to announce that I have legitimately worked out every single day this year so far. Never thought I’d be able to say that!

One of my new workouts of choice is yoga. In addition to increasing my core strength (strong is the new sexy!), it also helps me be present in the moment – something that doesn’t always come naturally to me, especially since I dislike my job, so being present is not always as pleasant an alternative as living in my fantasy world where I am the happily married princess of a chocolate empire who uses her plentiful free time to inspire young adults to reach their full potential through AuROARa Talks (you know, the new, up-and-coming version of TED Talks).

I am finding that much of yoga is about “yogi’s choice”, i.e. each person in the yoga session adjusting the workout to meet their particular needs. So, in those moments where I am tempted not to be present, I have found that this is a really great option for yogi’s choice:

Yoga Cookie

Authentically Aurora

12 thoughts on “Yogi’s Choice

  1. Um, you have already done Aurora talks. You blog has been a bunch of them. I would pay lots of money (if I had any. I’m talking to you powerball lottery) to hear you speak them on a large stage. Sorry you dislike your job. I’m in that same boat. And as part of Wii Fit, I actually though Yoga was the best part.


  2. The only New Year’s resolution I’ve ever kept is to not make New Year’s resolutions. I find myself trying to cheat, like making resolutions in November and February, but I don’t keep those either! I am a model of discipline 🙂

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