Deploy Joy

Poetry Slam

There’s a reason for every season
And a rhyme for every time of life
Our days seem so often filled with strife
But if we could learn to live
Learn to give
And just appreciate life’s beautiful mistakes
Without aching for change and shaking things up
Isn’t it enough
What we’ve got here and now
Gotta rest into the test of learning to be content
Instead of moving faster to the next chapter
Revel in the endeavor
Of finding little ways that today can deploy joy
Fight for light, and you just might
Discover hope

Authentically Aurora

P.S. Thanks to Paul for the style inspiration!

11 thoughts on “Deploy Joy

  1. NO WAY! I read the first four lines and thought it sounded a bit like me, then thought I was just being full of myself. Then you give me a shout out at the end. Great poem! Glad I helped inspire it in a very small way.


      • Yeah, pretty much.
        I had to do that because I’m doing posts on my companies blog and that old one wouldn’t make such a great impression. I’m not a fan of smiling because it hurts my face so much, but it’s one that’s on my LinkedIn so I assume it is okay for the profesh picture.


        • It’s totally profesh. Also, I’m impressed/terrified that you’re doing posts for your company’s blog. Actually, I’m mostly jealous. Why doesn’t my massive oil company employ me to write blog posts instead of negotiating IT contracts?!


        • I am kind of terrified, because it is a totally different type of writing. Our company is pretty technical (so you would be right at home), but I am not. So I basically take the info I get from people and make it more palatable. I’ve already had one published and another just got past the draft stage, hopefully being posted next week! It’s fine if they aren’t the most interesting because I don’t think people read it, but nice practice and something I can put on the resume.


        • Yeah, I get way more views and likes and comments than our blog will ever get. Cause you know, people love reading about boring 2 way radio technology (well, you might because you are an engineer ha!)

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