A Dying Whale

People are the worst.

Okay, I don’t really mean that. I love people. I really do. But some days (like today), it just really feels like people are the worst, everything hurts, and I’m dying.

everything hurts

I was just walking down the hallway at work (apparently looking dejected), and some young man (stranger danger!) called out to me in an overly perky voice: “Cheer up! Life ain’t so bad!”

April Ludgate bonding

Do I know you? No.

Was I talking to you? No.

Do you know anything that’s going on in my life? No.

Do you actually know that anything is wrong? Do you know that this isn’t just how my face looks?!?! The answer is still NO!

Grumpy Cat No

I just moaned at him. Like a dying person. Or a whale. Or a dying whale.

It was a beautiful sound. And although I didn’t win any Academy Awards for it, at least I didn’t make any new friendships.


Authentically Aurora

18 thoughts on “A Dying Whale

  1. LOL, a dying whale rather than a sick moose? I usually make the sick moose sounds. When random strangers take the time to try and cheer us up however, you got to take it as the blessing it is. There are people in the world that actually want us happy. How amazing is that? I encounter so many people that seem hell bent on just making me miserable, so when one says something like cheer up or smile, let’s make our own sunshine, I try to be grateful.


    • Jesus Juke! Yes, in retrospect, I appreciate the thought, but in the moment, I was not particularly thankful for the societal expectation that I respond positively to his lack of adherence to my societal expectation that no one speak to me prior to 8 AM. 😉

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  2. I sense what you are saying. As George Carlin famously said, “Don’t tell me to have a nice day. I might not want a nice day. I might have had a bunch of nice days in a row, and I’m ready for a miserable day.” (Or something like that–I didn’t look up the exact quote.) But might it be possible that the Lord moved this stranger to say those words, that the “Cheer up” message might be from God Himself? Could be, I don’t know, it’s just a thought.
    Have a nice day. J.


    • “Don’t tell me to have a nice day. I might not want to have a nice day.” Ha. Can’t a girl write a humorous tongue-in-cheek post without a bunch of silver-liners commenting?! I guess y’all want me to go back to writing inspirational back-to-sharing-the-Gospel posts and forego any personal Grumpy Cat moments. 😉

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      • Well, I’m just trying to share the irony by connecting your last two posts… Actually, I’m the kind of guy who drives to work, rides the elevator, and walks straight to the desk without wanting to speak with anyone. Grumpy Cat or not, you can be sure I wouldn’t meet you in the hall and tell you to cheer up. Although I do throw “have a nice day” at people who try to interact with me on the elevator.
        This morning I am trembling in my boots because I have once again foolishly volunteered–yes, volunteered–to go speak to about one hundred people for fifty minutes today and the following seven Wednesdays. And you are the only human being with whom I have interacted in any way in the past two hours. So be a Grumpy Cat–it distracts me. I like that. J.


        • Yeah, well, because I have been exhausting all of my emotional energy pretending to be an extrovert in the interactions of the prior two posts, I am now ready to rest into all of my true introvertedness, crawl into a cave, and speak to no one for about 7.831 days.

          You volunteered to speak to 150 people? Silly J! Speeches are for extroverts! Kidding. You’ll do great.

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  3. Yes! This is exactly what I was feeling like yesterday! I was so done with people in general. At work, I’m only supposed to back up the phones, but everyone was gone yesterday (and the rest of week too) and those days when I have to talk on the phone all day are the worst and yesterday was a prime example. UGGGHHH!

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    • They make you talk? On the phone? To other people?! What kind of sick place is this?!?! Don’t they know your prime assets are best utilized by not engaging in any kind of human contact? Also, thanks for understanding the rage. Not everyone appreciates my inner Grumpy Cat!


  4. …at least I didn’t make any new friendships.


    Now practice saying, “Bah! Humbug!” – Christmas is only 9 months away –!

    Oh, and let us know when you start raising cats —

    But I know the feeling, I’ve had one of those days —


  5. Ugh, YES. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, do not speak to me. Do. Not. Your dying whale sound is probably a nicer response than the one I would’ve given him…one look can say a thousand words…a thousand four letter words.

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  6. LOL I saw a quote that said “When you’re in a bad mood and someone tells you to “cheer up” like thanks Susan I never thought of that I’m fine now haha I Iove life”


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