Aurora Paleface

pale-sickPeople need some serious help with their commentary on my attire.

On Monday, I woke up late and only had time to brush on some mascara before dashing out the door for a meeting. When my (female!) boss saw me that morning, she asked, “Are you feeling alright?”

Knowing exactly where this was going, I remarked heartily, “Yep, I feel great!” I gave her a pointed look, warning her not to say what I knew was coming, but it came anyway:

“You look kind of pale.”

Ugh. Come on! I groaned inwardly. Why do women always make comments like this to other women?! We should really know better. (Actually, knowing my boss, I should know better than to think that she knows better.)

What I wanted to say was, “Actually, this is just my face. Like, naturally. Without makeup on. And comments like yours are the reason women feel like they can’t leave the house without makeup. So thanks for that.” But instead, I just forced a sort of grimacing smile and went back to work.

annoyedfaceThen today, I was walking to the bathroom and ran into another female colleague who remarked cheerfully, “Aw, you’re wearing the company colors! That’s so cute!”

“It was unintentional, I assure you,” I replied dryly. Great. Now I’m going to hate my outfit all day.

Just call me Aurora Paleface, company mascot.

Authentically Aurora (Paleface)

6 thoughts on “Aurora Paleface

  1. Gosh you totally speak my mind girl!
    I´m so sorry for those comments! Don´t let them get to you! When I get stuff like that thrown at me I usually say something totally stupid back: like “Thanks.” with a smile and head back to work. That is not letting them get to me. Sometimes it workes, sometimes not. Trust me I´m a paleface as well and I used to hate it (sometimes I still do), but you know what?! No other skin color can rock a blushed cheek as we can! I feel like a rosé color on the cheeks only really looks good on paler faces;-)
    But you´re definitely not alone. The worst I get is when someone remarks something about the black circles under my eyes when I didn´t put on makeup in the morning.. I know i think: Thank you for remarking that, I wouldn´t have noticed it otherwise, but now I do. Thanks for that! No kidding, I knew that before.
    But you´re totally true about your point with the self esteem. Like our own gender tries to make us feel bad about ourselves. I am totally on your page with that.
    Thanks for expressing your thoughts, you are more than right.
    And sorry, my comment is all over the place. This just get´s me so emotional…

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    • Thanks, Little Sunshine! It’s true; we can really have a visual impact when we put on blush because we have such a great palette to work with! And you’re right; I tend not to notice certain flaws until people point them out (which they do all the time)… and then I notice those flaws constantly! It’s sad that women are the primary perpetrators giving cause for insecurity in other women. We need to do a better job of banding together and encouraging one another! ❤


  2. Ahhhhh that’s so annoying. Comments like those should disappear alongside “why are you so quiet” and “you look tired” 😛 glad you’re able to look back on it with a sense of humour 😉

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