Let’s Play a Game…


What’s your favorite color? Really, take some time to think about this. Now answer this: Why?

My favorite color has always been purple. As a little girl, I learned that purple was a color associated with royalty and was immediately drawn to its majestic hues. My favorite shade of purple is a deep indigo (like Pantone 273) because it is mostly comprised of cool, soothing blues but has just a dash of fiery red. To me, it is the perfect combination of serenity and passion.

Next: What’s your favorite part of nature? Pick an object (e.g. the sky, mountains, oceans). What do you love about this part of nature?

I have always been drawn to trees. I love being in the forest because it gives me a sense of adventure but also fills me with peace. I feel calm, rested and at home among the trees, but I also feel a thrill of excitement at the thought of hiking and exploring something new, wild and untamed. It’s raw beauty.

Lastly: If you could have any animal for a pet (including combinations of animals, like a dog with wings), what would you choose and why?

When I was asked this question, my first thought was to have a baby leopard. I love big cats because they are strong but agile; powerful but graceful. I’ve always thought they are the perfect combination of strength and beauty. And I’d love to have a baby leopard that stayed tiny because I’d love to hold it and snuggle with it; I’d want it to stay sweet and playful.

I was first asked these questions last night around a campfire while toasting marshmallows for s’mores. Seth and I went to a Christmas party with some friends from church, and while the guys congregated inside talking about different types of wine, the girls huddled around the campfire wrapped in our scarves and bonding over one another’s answers to these questions.

The girl who posed the questions told us at the end that what you think about your favorite color is how you view yourself, what you love about nature is what you think about God, and your ideal pet is what you look for in a partner. For me, all of this really lined up! What about for you? What were your answers?

Authentically Aurora

P.S. When the guys came outside, we asked some of them the questions, too. Seth’s ideal pet is a golden retriever because it is “classic, loyal, patriotic, obedient and a good hunting dog.” 😉

6 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game…

  1. 1- green. because it’s Irish and because it’s my dad’s favorite color. 2 – trees. I love how sturdy, tall and amazing to look at. 3 – I always wanted a fox because it seemed like a happy medium between a cat & dog

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    • Fun! So… You like that you’re Irish and loved by your dad ❤ And you believe God is sturdy/dependable and awe-inspiring… and you look for a man who is a cross between a cat and a dog (i.e. independent but affectionate)? I like it!

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  2. Unfortunately, I read your post to the end before I started thinking of answers to your questions. Not fair, I know. My favorite color is yellow, because when I was about twelve I liked a girl whose favorite color was yellow. But it is a cheerful color, far more cheerful than I really am. My favorite part of nature would be mountains, a path winding up a mountain surrounded by trees. Why? Because a tree-covered mountain is majestic, beautiful, and filled with life. My favorite pet is the cat my daughters brought home from the Walmart parking lot. She accepts and adores me the way I am, spends quality time with me, and purrs to let me know that she is happy with her home and family. J.

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  3. This was really neat. My favourite colour is teal blue. I love it because its calming and reminds me of the ocean. As you may have guessed, my favourite part of nature is the ocean (think the Atlantic ocean against a rocky shore). I love sitting on the shore and listening to the waves crash against the rocks. I love its beauty and untamed strength. It also makes me feel at peace and calm. I’d likely choose a dog such as a lab or retriever. I’ve always loved big dogs and their unconditional love, affection, and loyalty.

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