Date #2 = Running?!?!

Swanky Dinner Date

Tomorrow night I have Date #2 with an attractive doctor I met while out for drinks with friends. Our first date was like something out of a movie. We met after work for dinner at a swanky new restaurant, both dressed in fashionable business attire. I’m not a high maintenance kind of girl, but if I were, I’d probably gush about the farm-to-table hors d’oeuvres, the twinkling chandeliers, the vintage wine selection and fine china.

We were supposed to go out on our second date over the weekend, but my attractive doctor got sick (the irony is not lost on me), so we rescheduled for tomorrow night. He just called to tell me the details, and it’s rather fortunate he wasn’t able to see my face when he disclosed the plan. Because he wanted to go running together.

Running. RUNNING. Just like Nick the Strict. What is wrong with these guys?! It’s not like I live in Colorado or someplace where everyone and their mom is a hiking, biking, spandex-wearing, granola-crunching hippie! I live in what was once dubbed The Fattest City in America, for goodness’ sake!

Is there some Man Code out there I don’t know about where a girl has to display on Date #2 that she is capable of running a sixteen minute 2-mile?! Because I can. But I don’t want to have to prove it to you on our second date.

Ladies, am I alone in this? Are there any of you that think that it would be a good idea to go running for a second date with someone you just met? Because if you’re out there, you should give me a shout so that I can start redirecting my running-obsessed would-be dates toward your cute Lululemon-clad booty.

Authentically Aurora