VOTE!!! Humorous or Heartfelt?

What-do-you-thinkSince I wasn’t cool enough (read: hadn’t been blogging for long enough) to get a 2014 stats/analytics summary from WordPress, I decided to create my own. Because I am a nerd with too much time on my hands.

What I found is that my posts that get the most Comments are not also the posts that get the most Likes.

You, dear Reader, apparently most enjoy commenting on posts where I share my heart with you. Without a doubt, I get the most comments on posts about being an introvert and the unique joys and challenges that come with that.

Avg CommentsIn many of my most commented-on posts – The Worst Version of Myself, Misunderstood, and the Fiery/Fragile Child – Part II – I am very vulnerable in sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings. You guys apparently enjoy discussing when I get all soft and mushy! 😉

Avg LikesBut the posts that get the most Likes tend to either be my Creative Expressions (my poetry and photography) or humorous rants, like my list of 5 Things NOT to say to the Sister of the Groom, as well as posts where I share about my Christian faith.

So vulnerability elicits discussion, whereas humor elicits virtual high-fives. Perhaps this is not very surprising or ground-breaking research, but I found it interesting nonetheless.

Share your opinion! What do you want to read about more, going forward?

My experiences as an Introvert?

Adventures in Dating?

Opinions on Christianity?

Sarcastic rants about life in general?

Thanks in advance for the input, and as always, thanks for reading!

Authentically Aurora