Animagus Aurora

From time to time, I have meltdowns based on my fear of becoming a cat lady.

Then I remember that I don’t have any cats.
And I feel better.

But then I am reminded of my rapidly approaching thirtieth birthday, coupled with my perpetual single status, and the panic starts again.

Then I get asked out by three different guys, three days in a row.
And I am comforted that there is hope for me yet.

Until I watch cat videos and realize that, although I may not own any cats, my cat-like mannerisms have already transformed me into a McGonagall-like cat lady. I know, I know. Where I went wrong was watching cat videos in the first place. But what’s done is done, and I am horrified to realize that those cat videos have infiltrated my psyche. I have become Animagus Aurora, the cat-less cat lady.


When I peruse the online dating profiles of my inevitably terrible matches, this is a remarkable likeness to my reaction:


And when those terrible matches want to take me on a date, sometimes I have to resort to playing dead:


No-date-2And on first dates, when guys try to get too friendly too soon, they may get some of this action:


But I can be all-too-easily won over with chocolate:


And once a man earns my trust (with said chocolate), I melt into a snuggly cuddle monster. “Pet me!”



The secret is out. There is no fighting it. My cat lady status is official, even sans cat ownership. In light of these evidentiary videos, I regret to inform you, dear readers, that I have clearly become…

Animagus Aurora, the cat-less cat lady

A Message from Harry

I am a Harry Potter fan.

That might be a reasonably significant understatement.

I grew up with the characters, aging as they did, and my dad read all of the books aloud to our family, complete with character voices ranging from deep, rumbly Mad Eye Moody to high and squeaky Dobby. One birthday, I even got a phone call from all of the Harry Potter characters each wishing me a happy birthday in turn. That, my friends, is true love.

I might also have gone to Harry Potter World in Orlando at age 25. Without any small children. And then again at age 26. And then again at age 27. Still with no small children. But I’m completely normal. Sane, even.

spectroscopes train hbp

you're just as sane as i am 2

Anyway, now I am all grown up and mature. It’s been two whole months since my last visit to Harry Potter World. The major corporation where I work has transformed me into a full-fledged business professional (Muggle style, without even using McGonagall’s lessons in Transfiguration).

So when our new EVP (my boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss’s boss) sent out his first quarterly communication to staff, I was not at all tempted to do this:


Okay, maybe I was.

And maybe I did.

Clearly I am not yet remorseful. 🙂

Authentically Aurora