I Don’t Understand.

Lonely girl 2Why are people so cruel?

I don’t understand why spiteful, debilitating office politics exist.

Or why friends thoughtlessly betray their closest friends.

Or why a man proposes to a woman he claims to love and then changes his mind right before their wedding day.

Lonely girl 3Why are people so hateful?

I don’t understand why unsolicited champions suddenly become vehement enemies.

Or why stalwart protectors unexpectedly become vicious accusers.

Or why jealousy transforms previously selfless individuals into unrecognizable versions of themselves.

Lonely girl 1I don’t understand why people make other people cry.

The longer I run then the less that I find

Selling my soul for a nickel and dime

Breaking my heart to keep singing these rhymes

And losing again

…playing on repeat.

Authentically Aurora