An Open Letter to Prince Philip

Prince Philip

Philip, sweet man and Beloved of the Lord,

Thank you for a wonderful, memorable weekend together. Thank you for driving down to see me and for being patient with me through a head cold, food poisoning and low energy on my part. You persevered in pursuing me despite my emotional walls. You were kind and selfless toward me, massaging my feet and cooking dinner for us. You loved me well, even when I was unlovely. You prayed sweetly over me, spoke encouraging words to me and made me feel infinitely valued and cherished. Thank you. Truly, truly, thank you.

You reminded me what it looks like to really love Jesus and walk in step with the Holy Spirit. You showed me what it’s supposed to look like for a husband to love his wife well – selflessly, in sickness and in health – and to lead her to an ever-deepening relationship with God.

I really wanted us to work out. I really wanted that intangible connection to be there. Believe it or not, I cried this morning knowing you were headed back home. I miss your steady, calming presence, and yet, I know that I need laughter and light-hearted banter in my life. You bring love and peace to the relationship, but there’s something missing for us, and I wish that wasn’t the case because you’re going to be a phenomenal husband one day. It’s been a long time since I cried because a man made me feel so indescribably cherished, but your love literally brought me to tears. I’m praying for you, that God brings you together with your intended wife soon. You are a treasure, and God has equipped you to love a woman well.

Authentically Aurora

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Prince Philip

    • I know – it broke my heart, too. He wasn’t too kind or too loving. He was too serious. Every conversation was intense and soul-deep. He didn’t know how to lighten up and have fun. I’m naturally a melancholy personality, so I need someone happy-go-lucky to pull me up and make me laugh. Philip is a wonderful, godly man, but there wouldn’t be much light-heartedness or laughter in our relationship. 😦


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