Notes to Self

Sometimes during long conference calls at work, I doodle or write notes to myself in the back pages of my office notepads. Occasionally I flip through these back pages to rediscover the partially-coherent thoughts or ideas I jotted down while trying to remain conscious during one mind-numbing meeting or another.

This morning, I came across these two pages that I evidently scribbled back in August. When I read them today, I marveled at the fact that I knew five months ago what it has taken me until this year to begin implementing in earnest.

On an unrelated note, you will see that I tend to write my letter “r”s as capitals, even in the middle of woRds. Apparently this means I am defiant and don’t like to be told what to do.

Yep, sounds about right.

“The defiant person doesn’t like to be ‘managed’ and is always alert for any sign of unjust authority…Usually it takes the form of a capital letter… Most handwriting analysts talk about the defiant k… the ‘go-to-hell’ k… We have also included a capital R in the middle of a letter… Defiance is a defense of the ego. It says, ‘I defy you to criticize me, to attempt to hurt me.’ …This personality trait is VERY common among Americans… based on the overwhelming need to defy the odds, face the threats, and stomp down those who would steal our freedom… Americans will continue to be defiant. It is in the genes.”

Journal 1.jpg

Journal 2

Authentically AuRoRa

12 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. Oh my gosh, I think that defiant describes me to a T. I find myself all the time going, no I’m not going to do that just because other people are telling me to. It’s probably so annoying to other people, but for the most part I don’t care. Like for instance I was told I was supposed to move cubicles because it was a fire code violation and since I was prepared beforehand I fought it. I was like so what you are saying is that for the last two years I’ve sat here “in danger” and no one said anything until just now? And I even said, “Do I need to get an attourney?” I was only kind of joking too. I can be such a butt sometimes. And I still haven’t left either, hoping that I don’t have to move.


      • What’s funny is that most people don’t know it because I’m so passive aggressive about it.
        What’s funny is this comment gave me an idea for another Bitter Kid stories for Adults. I’ll have to write that up and put in the old dropbox.


        • Oh bother!!!! That makes me so sad. But happy for you. I hope that you get to have some fun going out of the country. Hopefully it is for fun and not work? Just remember to let your fun side out and let your robot side stay at work.


        • It was a cruise to the Bahamas for one of my friend’s birthdays! We just got back this evening. Still absorbing and processing, but I’m sure there will be stories to come…!


        • I went on a cruise there just last year! But you might have remembered that since I asked you to guest post for me! It was a pretty great time. Did you go on a Disney or a different one? 3 days, 4 days, a week? That would be awesome this time of year!


        • Heh, yes, I remember your comments about getting trapped in the Bermuda Triangle. We went with Carnival.

          I recently discovered the Bermuda Triangle of Singleness: Passion, Intimacy and Commitment – pick any two… or else get trapped in the Bermuda Triangle of Singleness for all time!!!


        • I need to discover the Bermuda Triangle of Bitterness and blog about that. It’s funny because I get more ideas about posts from your comments or my comments to you than almost anything else….


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