Just Call Me Leonidas


300 is a pretty significant number for a group of followers. It was the number of Spartans that King Leonidas led into battle against Xerxes and his invading army of soldiers.

It was the number of men with which Gideon defeated the Midianites.

It was the number of witches and wizards in Dumbledore’s Army.

(Okay, maybe not that last one, but no conversation about great armies is complete without mentioning Neville Longbottom rallying the troops for the Battle of Hogwarts.)


This week, my blog reached 300 followers, and I am so thankful for all of you, but especially those who have read, commented and encouraged me along the way. Bitter Ben, IB, Ally, Mrs. Spike, J and so many more… thanks for your frequent likes and comments!

As a way of saying thanks, let’s do a roll call! Fill out the poll below, and leave a comment answering: What would you do with an extra $300 this month? Buy 300 chocolate bars, 2 pairs of Kendra earrings, a new iPad… the possibilities are endless!


“Send our army for hope – hope that a King and his men have not been wasted to the pages of history – that their courage bonds us together, that we are made stronger by their actions, and that your choices today reflect their bravery.” -Queen Gorgo, 300

Authentically Aurora

16 thoughts on “Just Call Me Leonidas

  1. Congratulations on 300! You deserve every one of them. I’m proud to be part of your virtual family. As for $300, that would almost cover the repair bill I acquired last week…. J.


  2. I always loved the Gideon story from the Bible. Amazing! And for some reason I always thought the Leonidas one was based on the Gideon one. Either way, 300 followers is amazing and I’m proud to be among this mighty army of yours. Hope things are good for you and want to know updates! And by the way if I had an extra $300, I would probably get another video game console (Playstation 4 maybe?) so I could have even less time for important things!

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    • Yeah, the Gideon story is a great one! Although I think of the Spartans’ 300 as being arrogant (thus, their defeat), whereas Gideon’s 300 were humble and used to show God’s power and provision.

      Things are going great! Sorry for the lack of posts. “Seth” and I spent most of Memorial weekend together at the beach with some friends. He continues to be a spiritual leader and gentleman. Praying for good things!

      Any specific games you’ve got your eye on? RPGs are my favorite. I imagine there are some nice ones coming out this year.


      • I think of it as a good sign that you are posting less, because you less to be bitter about and that Mr. Seth seems to be working out for you. Sounds like you had a great Memorial Day. I’m also praying for good things to happen for you. It will happen for you, I know it will!
        My favorite series is Gears which is coming out in October, and I’ve got my eyes on several others. I’m sure the $300 would be used up in no time!


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