Signs in the Stars

lunar-eclipseDoes anyone else find it odd that:

1. According to biblical clues, Jesus’s crucifixion likely fell on April 3, AD 33. On that day, both historical accounts and mathematical calculations show that a total lunar eclipse took place around 3pm just as Jesus died on the cross. The total lunar eclipse took place within the constellation Virgo (the Virgin, representative of Jesus’s virgin birth), below the constellation Leo (the Lion, representative of Judah, the Jewish line of the Messiah), beneath Regulus (King star) and Jupiter (King planet), fulfilling the prophesy and vision of John in Revelation 12:1-6.

2. This year – despite that we no longer use a lunar calendar – Good Friday again falls on April 3, and tonight we are due to have a total lunar eclipse, occurring within the constellation Virgo, below Leo and Regulus. It’s a beautiful reminder of the virgin-born King of the Jews, this full moon and blood moon: a life fully lived, willingly blotted out in blood to pay in full the punishment we all deserve so that, by Jesus’s death and resurrection, we can be brought into a right relationship with a perfectly just and loving God.

It’s a love story of terrible beauty, written in the stars for all of creation to see.

Authentically Aurora

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