How Close Forever Came

Rain WeddingMy baby brother is getting married tomorrow. Naturally, this has me thinking a lot about my own almost-wedding. Sometimes my emotions are too intense to contain internally, and at those times, poetry is my solution to maintaining some semblance of normalcy, for the sake of not only myself but also everyone around me. Here is this week’s resultant data dump from my heart to the page:

We used to read each other’s minds
I knew you inside and out
I could read every expression and
Know what you were thinking about

Now I could pass you on the street
And barely know your face
The “knowing” that we knew
Has all but been erased

How can lives so intertwined
Come so unraveled at the seams
You talked about forever
And then changed your dreams

It’s so hard to believe
How close forever came
Before you threw me back my heart
And kept your name
It’s so hard to believe
I thought I’d get my happy end
From a man stuck as a boy
Who I’ll never see again

Authentically Aurora

2 thoughts on “How Close Forever Came

  1. I was only ever engaged once and that was to my wife, so I don’t know the pain of engaged, almost married and then having to deal with that, but it sounds so hard. I heard once that it takes twice the amount of time you were with someone to get over them. I hope that isn’t true, but I remember it seemingly taking forever before I finally got over someone when I was dating. It just sucks when you are reminded by a wedding or something similar. I hope the healing goes well for you. I sure like writing when things are painful to me.


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