I’m Dreaming of a Wh- Wait, What?

DreamsMost nights I sleep soundly, my consciousness wrapped snugly in the velvety blackness of slumber, not to wake until the gentle rays of morning light permeate my eyelids and my lashes flutter open to greet the day.

Last night was not such a night. Last night, I jolted into consciousness on three separate occasions from three separate nightmares.

But I’m not stressed at all. 

*twitch, twitch*

Around midnight, I jerked awake an instant before my rental car slammed into the back of the vehicle in front of me.

A few hours later, my dreams transported me back to my childhood bathroom, where I kept trying to apply deodorant, but there was none left in the stick. I looked down to the floor, and there was the remainder of the deodorant, having fallen out of the tube.

Then, around 4am, I tore myself from sleep to escape the nightmare of being late to school. Because that’s a totally reasonable nightmare for a nearly-30 working professional to have.

According to DreamsCloud, I am apparently in emotional distress and feeling loss of control because a plan or project is facing unforeseen obstacles (my career), as well as feeling growing distance to my family (parents are now grandparents; brothers are engrossed in married lives), and I sense an inability to deliver on the tasks ahead of me and subsequent evaluations and judgments of my worth (upcoming interview).

No big deal. Just another day in the life of…

Authentically Aurora

5 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a Wh- Wait, What?

  1. I’ve always wanted to be a dream analyst, but then I realized it wasn’t really a career. More of a 1-900 number. Call me for your free reading! I’ve always found the dream fascinating and wish that someday I could see all my dreams in kind of a reel like fashion. But then not in front of other people. And maybe with a fast forward button. Some of my dreams I think could be made into movies though… Or books.


    • Your dream analysis would be hilarious. You’re dreaming of rainbows? Your house is going to flood.
      Roses and feathers? You are going to prick your finger and fall into a deep sleep on feather pillows.
      Dreaming of unicorns? It’s a foreboding warning not to play leap frog any time soon.

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