Bachelor Bash – Week 5

That may have been the weirdest episode of “The Bachelor” ever. Which is saying something, because “The Bachelor” is a perpetual freak show.

From Carly‘s one-on-one date with the “love and sex expert”…

Carly Week 5 B

…to Britt‘s emotional yo-yoing over her fear of heights…

Britt Week 5

…from Jordan showing back up…

Jordan Week 5

…to Kelsey‘s manipulative antics…

Kelsey Week 5

…I am just overwhelmed. I can’t even handle the strangeness of whatever all of that was.

So let’s focus on Megan. Because after that absolute debacle of an episode, we could all use some comic relief.

Megan Week 5 A

Megan Week 5 B

Megan Week 5 C

I wonder if Megan ever figured out she was still in the U.S. *Sigh.

Authentically Aurora

4 thoughts on “Bachelor Bash – Week 5

  1. Jordan’s back?? I guess the producers of the show didn’t think they had enough weird girls left I guess. 😛 Might as well bring all of the girls back that he eliminated back so he has to break their hearts again. I pleaded to my friend to not make me watch any more episodes since I made a bet with her and she thought 4 episodes of horror was enough for me…and I teared up and went on my knees when I asked her.


    • I’m really glad for you that you’re not watching this show anymore. If I wasn’t so competitive… or wanting to bond with my female coworkers… or fascinated by the train wreck that it reality tv… I would forget this whole Bachelor Bracket thing and save what brain cells I have left.

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  2. I remember watching this show and thinking..actually I wasn’t thinking. Sometimes I wish I was a smart as some of these girls so I could just skate through life letting other people do things for me. But then, what would I have to be bitter about?

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