Today is a Day for Chocolate Cake


Sometimes you have a boss who says that you don’t ask enough questions and are therefore incompetent, resulting in a poor performance rating (no matter that one typically asks questions when one does not understand anything; not vice versa).

Sometimes that same boss, once you start forcing yourself to ask more questions, provides the feedback that you require too much oversight, resulting in a poor performance rating.

On days fraught with such inane and contradictory feedback, one must go home and eat a small piece of dark chocolate.


Sometimes you have a boss who happens to be a micro-manager incapable of delegating meaningful tasks, and this boss may present you with strong criticism based on your supposed lack of independence or ability to provide meaningful contributions to the team.

Sometimes that boss will refuse to let facts get in the way of her predisposition to dislike you – facts like your track record for never delivering a project behind schedule, and facts like your negotiating millions of dollars’ worth of savings for the company despite your boss’s inability to provide meaningful work.

On days filled with such frustration and injustice, one must stop by Starbucks for a Grande Mocha Frappuccino.


Sometimes you have a boss who is so disrespectful and maddeningly incompetent at her role as manager that you have to run into the girls’ bathroom to cry at the office, and you’re not sure if it’s out of anger, frustration, sadness or hopelessness.

Sometimes after you’ve already had a long day of work, the bridal boutique where you returned your wedding dress two years earlier when your groom got cold feet right before the wedding – that bridal boutique sends you an email wishing you a happy wedding anniversary and inviting you and your nonexistent husband to be featured in their magazine.

On days like that, one must go home and bake oneself an ENTIRE FREAKING LOAF OF CHOCOLATE CAKE.

To be eaten alone.

On the couch.

In one sitting.

Today is a day for chocolate cake.

Authentically Aurora

10 thoughts on “Today is a Day for Chocolate Cake

  1. sometimes you need to write a very firm email to a bridal boutique and look at the Situations Vacant in the hope of finding a decent boss- after eating entire loaf of chocolate cake, of course (which looks lovely, by the way). Kind thoughts xx

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  2. Chocolate is one of the best medicines the Lord hid within his creation… on a Tuesday, if my reckoning is correct. I offer you my virtual shoulder for your tears, and I second paescapee’s recommendations. J.

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    • I agree, J. Chocolate is a magical remedy for so many of the world’s ills. I am convinced that chocolate and music are among some of the greatest glimpses of heaven on earth! Thanks for the virtual shoulder, and here’s mine in return. Hope things start looking up for you soon!

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      • Thanks for your shoulder too. My father always used to say that chocolate is an essential nutrient, one we need to eat each day. Now that they have designed a food pyramid, I like to point out that chocolate rests at the very top of the pyramid, so obviously it is the most important food. J.


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